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Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and take a moment to read over these short blogs.

Cruising the Irrawaddy River on Scenic Aura, Myanmar

We boarded our ship late afternoon after a day of sight-seeing. The Aura doesn’t look much on the outside; but, the inside is totally different with an elegant dark interior theme throughout. The Aura has everything you need or want – spa treatment room, salon, gym that is well equipped with a wall resistance platform, treadmill, bike and small area for stretching. It [...]

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Guadeloupe, Caribbean Island

Death, mystery and cops plague this little area - sounds like Midsomer Murders right? You wouldn't be too far wrong if you agreed, the only difference is that this setting is in paradise called Guadeloupe an island in the Caribbean and the name of the show is, Death In Paradise. This two island nation in the shape of a butterfly is made up [...]

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Stanley, Falklands Islands

The capital Stanley is like a mini English village, which is a bit out of place if you happened to have spent time prior in the Spanish speaking countries of either Chile or Argentina. Stanley is a maritime gateway for Antarctica & the surrounding islands. Many international fishing vessels come to Stanley and therefore, common to see many in the local river. The [...]

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Dubrovnik Old Town, Croatia

New Years in Old Town Dubrovnik is a surreal experience for foreigners that can’t speak Croatian. We were right in the thick of the crowd that had gathered to welcome the new year. Families, couples, friends all keeping the winter chill at bay with good food and good wine at the many restaurants that fill Old Town whilst listening to the bands that [...]

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