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Towering mountains, misty bays, rocky outcrops, freezing temperatures, gale force winds, calm seas, ice floes, 7 storey iceberg floes, whales, penguins, seals and research stations. A photographers delight, an adventurers thrill, a bucket list item. Be expected to be awed, challenged, surprised and changed! I would suggest going on an expedition cruise, as only 100 people can step on land at any given time and expedition cruising specialises in small groups. A cruise with more than 200 people will usually have one group go ashore whilst another group will go zodiac cruising. A cruise ship with more than 500 guests cannot get off the ship at all. With the unpredictable weather, it's hard to guarantee anything in Antarctica which means [...]

North Pole

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If you enjoy winter, the thought of icicles brings a smile to your face and you are at a comfortable temperature of under 5 degrees; then, the North Pole is for you. I remember one temperature reading was -5 degrees; but, I assure you it got colder than that. It’s enough for those of us that don’t enjoy the cold to put hand warmers in the gloves, thermal underwear under another 2 layers of clothing and wear 3 layers of socks. “Why go there”, I hear you say – why not go to a place that seems like it’s on another planet, the ice caps are melting so it’s like a last frontier and it’s one of 2 mysterious places [...]

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