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Alaska, a land of towering mountains bathed in forests of spruce, hemlock and cedar and crowned with the frozen white powder. The glacial waterways create a meandering pathway alongside these towering mountains and offer a magnificent perspective in which to soak up their beauty. The popular towns visited by thousands of people during the warmer months via cruise ship reminder me more of villages; but, they seem to cope well with the daily arrival of eager tourists to see this spectacular country from as many angles as possible. And which ever angle is your favourite these villages have it covered with either fishing charter, river cruises on the ferry system, float plane or helicopter rides, cable car, bicycles, motor bikes, [...]

Hiking, Kyaking, Glacier & Queenstown NZ

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Our quick blog on cycling the Great Taste Trail in NZ is in another post; this post picks up our two week adventure once we finished that cycle trip. After we handed back our bike, we boarded the Wilson’s Abel Tasman ferry to be transported up to Totaranui for a 2 hour hike to Awaroa Inlet. This perspective of the famous Abel Tasman National Park is a beautiful one not to be missed. The next 2 days were filled with hiking and kayaking our way back down to Kaiteriteri hiking through the National Park or along the beach and finishing each night in very comfortable 4 star lodges which in their humble beginnings were a family home and holiday house. [...]

Cycling Great Taste Trail NZ

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Up and Down Dale with a lot of flat! That’s how I would describe our 3 day cycle trip from Nelson to Kaiteriteri following the Great Taste Trail. Passing through & by vineyards, pasture lands, ocean, mud flats, towns, creeks, bays, forest and ending our jaunt through the Mountain Bike Park at Kaiteriteri. Along this route there are many delicious places to refuel the body whether that be for coffee or food – Grape Escape, Jesters, Bloom Café and Toad Hall just to name a few. The artisan and provedore shops are a treat to peruse in each town you cycle through. Each day starts off on flat ground and then you do begin to climb; but, with the beautiful scenery [...]

North Pole

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If you enjoy winter, the thought of icicles brings a smile to your face and you are at a comfortable temperature of under 5 degrees; then, the North Pole is for you. I remember one temperature reading was -5 degrees; but, I assure you it got colder than that. It’s enough for those of us that don’t enjoy the cold to put hand warmers in the gloves, thermal underwear under another 2 layers of clothing and wear 3 layers of socks. “Why go there”, I hear you say – why not go to a place that seems like it’s on another planet, the ice caps are melting so it’s like a last frontier and it’s one of 2 mysterious places [...]

Yangon, Myanmar

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A city where with crazy drivers who think road lanes are a suggestion, honking one’s horn is as essential as the review mirrors in a car and tailgating is the normal mode of operating. The air is polluted not with the efforts of industry; but, rather that of leaf litter and rubbish burn off. You’ll see in the photo’s they aren’t quite clear - that is the smog. Yangon, like the country is filled with Pagoda’s. Everywhere you turn there is a pagoda or stupa or temple complex – what is the difference you may ask, well a stupa you can’t walk through, a pagoda is a multi-tiered tower and temple complex is an area with multiple shrines and pavilions [...]

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