We had very litle time in this city; but, the smidge I did see was worth it and I would love to go back again one day. We booked a culinary day with a chef, cookbook  author & wine somilier all rolled up in one person – Liz. And what a day it was, she met us in the morning & whisked us away to the local La Vega Central Market to purchase the items we would need for our day. We toured and tasted our way around the vibrant market all the while Liz explaining what things were and in what way they could be used. After filling our tummys and purchasing the vegetables, fruit, fish, meat for our meal, we walked back to her apartment for 5 hours of fun, food and fantastic wine! I could bore you with food photo’s of what we made; but, I won’t unless you ask.

After eating, drinking & sitting for the better part of the day, we waved goodbye to our hostess and walked through Parque Forestal to our hotel – The Singular, which has a tiny pool on the roof along with a bar & terrace area where we finished our evening watching the sun set with San Cristobal hill in the back ground.

A panoramic view from up the top of San Cristobal hill is worth the trip. You can catch the funicular or walk up the winding pathway that is dotted with large crosses each uniquely decorated. The statue of La Virgen isn’t on the grand scale of Cristo Redentor in Brasil; but, it is white and large.