We were met by our transfer service and whisked away in a luxurious van for our 2 hour drive to Tembok. We flew past vista’s and Mount Agung along many a winding road and past villages and temples. Our arrival at the resort couldn’t be more welcoming; whilst the receptionist grabbed our passports to complete check-in we were treated to a welcome back, neck massage & foot wash.

The property is a small one; but, is well appointed and delightful. The main rooms overlook the well tended gardens and there are only 2 villas with private plunge pools looking out to the sea. The restaurant, gym and pool look out to the sea, as well as the yoga sites. Speaking of yoga – the resort offer yoga Nywan – posture development and Hatha Yoga. Pancak Silat (ancient Balinese martial art movements) – very difficult, so go with a sense of humour for those that are un-coordinated will find it difficult to know which arm is to punch and which arm is to defend; it was a fun half hour.

The spa treatments abound, Most treatments are between 50 – 100 minutes. Frozen fruit kebabs & tonic drinks are offered to you before your treatment and then after another tonic is offered on the porch of the treatment rooms.
Don’t expected remedial massages here, they do Balinese & Malay (I couldn’t distinguish the difference between the two; but, one has longer strokes than the other). They offer various facial and foot massages which were fantastic and body wraps for which I will describe two here.
The lapis-lapis (spicy herbal body wrap) is very hot, it feels like an electric blanket has been wrapped around you and set on 3. Be wary if you can’t handle the heat. I did have to ask for the blanket to be taken off my neck and chest so I could cool down a bit. The skin is left feeling very soft.

The Timun (cucumber, aloe body wrap) is icy cold upon application & then your body heat warms it up. Sliced cucumber is put all over your face, again icy cold slices. This is a very refreshing treatment if your body is sunburnt. The skin is left feeling very soft.
Other activities offered by the resort are Jamu making (these are traditional tonics), Boreh Making (using Balinese ingredients make a body rub), Lontar Carving (palm leave carving & smudging with BBQ candlenut) and Canang making (weaving & flower decoration – offering to God).
The resort also offers tours, from 4hrs to full day. We opted for a cycling tour to Les Waterfall. This does require a medium level of fitness as the cycling does climb the narrow roads up the hills. We stopped at a Hindu Temple, passing many houses and fields to our other mini stop a market. Then the last push up the hills on gravel road to the waterfall entrance area. From here we walked up to the waterfall and was rewarded by a lovely cooling site. After our breakfast and swim we had a quick down hill return to the resort. The other tour we did was a snorkelling excursion to the shipwreck, Liberty. A great site as it’s only a 50metre swim from the shore and visibility on our day was great and there were plenty of fish and plants to see. The Sunset Jukong Cruise is 45 minutes from the resort out into the ocean to watch the setting sun; unlucky for us, the clouds put a big dampener on it and we didn’t see the stars nor the sun set. The other dampener, is that the majority of the time the Jukong’s have their little ‘put, putting’ engines going and it spoils the tranquillity of the setting.
This is a great resort that focuses on body, mind and spirit with the variety of activities and amenities on offer.