Death, mystery and cops plague this little area – sounds like Midsomer Murders right? You wouldn’t be too far wrong if you agreed, the only difference is that this setting is in paradise called Guadeloupe an island in the Caribbean and the name of the show is, Death In Paradise.

This two island nation in the shape of a butterfly is made up of Grand-Terre and Basse-Terre. Our journey centred on Basse-Terre which is a mountainous and volcanic island. Allow a couple of hours to drive around the island, this isn’t including any stops and driving through the middle of the island is windy and pretty.  To walk up the volcano Le Soufriere allow 4 hours and is steep, undulating and rocky. Ensure you take plenty of water and snacks or a cut lunch. Also ensure you take a water proof jacket and sun hat as the weather is changeable. The highest car park is situated at Bains Jaunes and the walking trail is well signed posted. We also found a good snorkelling site along the coast and a small waterfall worth visiting and swimming in.

But, the main reason was to see a few of the filming locations for this British/Guadeloupian drama. The fishing village of Deshaies is the location of this drama with the central set, the Police Station actually being the priests office of St Peter & St Paul Church situated next door. Catherine’s bar is located a couple of streets away and the main street in easy proximity to these two locations. The jetty is also in the middle of this village and the detectives beach is less than a 5 minute drive away at Paige de la Perle; but, the hut gets dismantled after every season of filming with only the foundation remaining. What we found staggering is that each site is tiny compared to how it appears on tv.

This was a fun 5 day trip and a worthy island to go and visit with plenty to do and see.